TemplateToaster vs Themler: Which theme design software to go for?


While looking for a theme builder, I came across TemplateToaster and Themler. Both of them have certain market rapport and loyal customers. So, I decided that this cut-throat competitive web world calls for a candid review. As I have used both of these theme builders. Hence, this article will provide you an honest TemplateToaster vs Themler comparison. This will assist you in figuring out the best one between these two.

In order to get an insight to the ‘TemplateToaster vs Themler’, we must understand both of them individually.


This is a high-end theme design software that works with all CMSes and ecommerce themes like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. It is a structured drag-n-drop graphical interface which requires no coding at all. It supports responsive designs and beautiful templates, with 200+ professionally designed themes. You can also modify the templates according to your need.


  • A Responsive Website Builder
  • Compatible with several CMSes
  • Supports all major web browsers
  • Provides social media integration
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Option to Add Custom PHP in WordPress along with JSS and CSS.
  • One time cost only
  • Unlimited Layout Types
  • Support system (live chat & email)


This website builder is created by Artisteer Team to provide responsive CMS & ecommerce themes. It consists of ready design ideas to generate templates. It has a visual interface supporting all modern technologies. It assists in designing websites, landings, and themes. But it is not a stand alone software, it runs online only.


  • Powerful theme designer
  • Support for all modern CMSes.
  • Drag and Drop functionality.
  • 300,000+ stock images
  • 400+ web font icons.
  • Unlimited Layout Types
  • Support system (email)

An Upfront Face-Off between the two

The “TemplateToaster vs Themler” combat has arose and this, calls for a settlement. Thus, these are the important criterion for this comparison.


TemplateToaster and Themler can be differentiated on the basis of its functions. The foremost is

TemplateToaster is a desktop application which can be downloaded and made to function offline. Whereas, Themler is just a web application which functions online only. This means that the theme cannot be exported offline.

While installing Themler, it installs webserver (Apache), Database (MySQL), CMS, and plugins, so as to make it “appear” like a desktop app.

One more thing that I observed while I was working on them. I intended on adding a header video, while I was able to do that smoothly on TemplateToaster. I couldn’t do the same on Themler. I couldn’t figure out it’s manner either.

Themler couldn’t meet my expectations in the very beginning as well, when I was aiming at downloading themes locally so as to give it a try. All I kept getting was the option to sign up, which I could easily do on TemplateToaster without having to meet any ends.

For better user experience both the theme builders seek to update their softwares rapidly. The latest TemplateToaster v7 has added certain features which weren’t earlier present.

Winner: TemplateToaster


TemplateToaster and Themler both aim at being compatible with all the technologies. CMSes like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, Magento etc. Themler still does not support Opencart which TemplateToaster does. With that Themler do away with the Opencart’s users. Although, it does provide DNN support that TemplateToaster does not.

The widget area option seem limited in Themler, as when I tried adding it on the Header and Footer. It did not get through, while the same function could be flexibly pursued on TemplateToaster. There, I could add the widget area option anywhere, be it, Header, Menu, Footer, Slideshow etc.

Themler offers free version which TemplateToaster does not. Although it’s only for static HTML and has limitations upto 10 pages. Even when it comes to the option for animations, Themler seems to have a variety over TemplateToaster.

Winner: Themler


Artisteer Ltd, the company, whose product Artisteer was released in 2007, officially released Themler in 2015. Artisteer’s fame carved an easy path for Themler’s popularity.
Whereas, TemplateToaster was released in 2011. I still managed to reach the same level as that of Themler, without any such diversion.

Moreover, TemplateToaster has a global Alexa Rank of 78,629 whereas, Themler has 143,204 as on 22nd June 2018. Not sure why but recently Themler has changed their domain to .io from .com.





Winner: TemplateToaster


If we pay attention closely to this attribute then we’d find a rather minute yet significant difference between the two. The TemplateToaster vs Themler battle cannot be ended if we don’t focus on this aspect. There is a difference between both the website theme softwares’ pricing.

TemplateToaster offers standard edition at $49 and professional edition at $149. And, Themler offers personal edition for $49, Business edition for $129, Ecommerce edition for $159 and a Pro edition for $199.
Other than that, Themler also has some extra charges for Drupal 6.x, 7.x themes of $48. Whereas, no extra charges are to be made for TemplateToaster.

So, Themler’s $159 edition and TemplateToaster’s $149 are somewhat similar.

Winner: Tie

Customer Support:

TemplateToaster provides the support options like Live chat, support tickets, community forums and emails to address customer’s issues. There are tutorials, demo videos, blogs and documentation also provided to assist them. People can even reach out to them on social media networking sites.

Themler, on the other hand, offers documentation, video tutorials, and only the “email” option as a form of customer support.

Winner: TemplateToaster


Themler works on Mac and Windows both while TemplateToaster is compatible with Windows only. This is a major drawback for TemplateToaster as they are losing so much of prospective traffic because of that.

Winner: Themler
Comparison Between Website Builders: TemplateToaster vs Themler
The below comparison will help you to statistically solve the ‘TemplateToaster vs Themler’.

Parameters TemplateToaster Themler
Application Desktop Application Web Application
Offline support Yes No
Speed Offline availability; thus, high speed. Only available online: thus, speed is comparatively slow.
Export themes Yes, can be exported offline No offline export support
Stock gallery Inbuilt Inbuilt
Pricing Trial version: free;

Standard edition: $49;

Professional edition: $149.

Light edition: free;

Personal edition: $49;

Business edition: $129;

Ecommerce edition: $159:

Pro edition: $199.

Customer Support Strong online support system (live chat and email both)) No live chat support system; email only.
Blogs Blogger
CMS support WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Static HTML WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Static HTML
E commerce Prestashop, Virtuemart, Woocommerce, Magento, Opencart. Woocommerce, Prestashop, Virtuemart, Magento, DNN.


The Verdict

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be… functional”
(Cameron Moll)

Both the theme design softwares embark on establishing their control over the theme-builders realm. Both strive to set up their hold in the market. Drawing a subsequent decision will need to be taken subjectively. As one’s needs and requirements might require something exclusive. Although, there is only one major and a few minor differences. In order to resolve the TemplateToaster vs Themler, and since we have witnessed the arguments posed. The major difference is that Themler merely possess to be a desktop application. It is rather a web application. This affects its speed and functioning as it hinders with its load time. Even the themes cannot be used without signing up. It’s no offline support makes it difficult for certain section of users who are looking for offline support. In my opinion, TemplateToaster acts as an entire package with full customer support and offline availability. It even gets updated constantly which makes it an even better choice over Themler.